Choose the best answer (A, B, C or D). 1.My brother’s taste in art is quite different __________ mine. A. to B. as C. f… – Hoc24

Học tập

I. Find the word which has a different sound in the part underlined .
1. A.exhibition B. question C. collection D. tradition
2. A.pleasure B. leisure C. closure D. sure

3. A.discussion B. decision C. treasure D. vision

4. A. saxophone B. music C. so D. expensive
5. A. similarity B. talent C. happy D.hard II. Find which word does not belong to each group .
6. A.saxophone B. guitar C.violin D. artist
7. B. photograph C. portrait D. opera
8. A.ballet B. pop C. rock D. rap
9. A.singer B. actor director D. film producer
10. A. canvas B. water puppet C. crayon D. pencil
III. Choose the best answer A, B, C or D to complete the sentences .
11. The Brit School is the most famous arts school in Britain .
A. perform B. performed C. performing D. performance
12. Since the 1970 s, the festival in Glastonbury has taken almost every year and has grown in size .
A. note B. notice C. time D. place
13. Dong Ho paintings are made on paper with beautiful colours .
A. tradition – nature B. traditional – natural C. traditional – nature D. tradition – natural
14. You can see many interesting in that art gallery .
A. paints B. colours C. portraits D. paper
15. Water puppetry in the 11 thcentury in the villages of the Red River Delta of North Viet Nam .
A. start B. begin C. originated D. formed
16. The puppet shows present themes of Vietnamese villages .
A. country B. rural C. city D. urban
17. The group is for their albums and tours around the world .
A. well-prepared B. well-known C. well-know D. know-how
18. The performances of puppetry show in the countryside and .
A. everyday life – folk tales B. every day life – folk stories C. everyday life – folk rock D. every day lives – folk people
19. I never watch ballet, and my sister doesn’t .
A. too B. so C. either D. like that
20. Teenagers in Viet Nam like K-pop, and they like Korean films .
A. too B. either C. so D. however
21. Today, subjects like music and arts are put into the school in Viet Nam .
A. school year B. subjects C. curriculum D. education
22. For many people, a good knowledge of music and arts is regarded as a for every student .
A. necessary B. need C. needs D. necessity
23. Arts are of great in education, especially for young children .
A. important B. importance C. unimportant D. unimportance
24. Classical music is not as pop music .
A. as exciting B. as excited C. exciting D. more excited
25. This film is not long as the film I watched last week .
A. as B. but C. either D. too
26. My brother’s taste in art is quite different mine .
A. than B. as C. to D. from
27. My village is not it was ten years ago .
A. same as B. the same C. the same as D. the same like
28. The villagers are they were years ago. There is no change at all .
A. as friend as B. as friendly as C. different from D. not as friendly as
29. This year’s musical festival is not it was last year .
A. as good as B. as well as C. different from D. worse
30. My cousin, Mai, is the same age me .

A. like B. to C. of D. as

IV.Choose the correct answer A, B, c or D to fill each blank in the following text .
My friends and I have written a ( 51 ). We have decided to ( 52 ) it for our school. I have already built the set. Karen has just finished the ( 53 ) for us to wear. I haven’t learned the ( 54 ) yet, so I am a bit nervous, but I’m excited ( 55 ). I haven’t been in a play before. I can’t wait !
51. B. tuy nhiên C. play D. club
52. A.perform B. make C. take D. build
53. A.stage B. actors D. costumes
54. A.script B. scripts D. lessons
55. A. also B. then C. too D. either
V. Chọn đáp án đúng nhất để hoàn thành xong những câu sau .

1. It is easy for him ( go/ going / to go/ went ) abroad at the moment.

2. I come from Vietnam so I am not used to ( drive / drove / droven/ driving ) on the left.

3. He used to ( going/ went/ go / gone ) home late at night.

6. Would you mind if I ( use / using / used/ am using ) you computer ?

7. They can’t go home ( so/ although/ but / because ) it is very dark.

8. I suggest that you ( turning/ turned/ should turn / to turn ) off all lights when going out.

9. Do you mind ( helping/ help/ helped/ to help ) me with the housework ?

10. I suggest ( collect/ collected/ collecting/ to collect ) unused clothes for the poor children.

11. Do you like ( playing/ play/ to play/ plays ) the piano ?

12. Would you like ( drink/ to drink/ drinking/ drinks ) some milk ?

13. She studies well ( because/ although/ so/ however ) she is busy.

14. The child laughed ( happy/ happily/ happily/ happiness ) when playing with some toys.

15. Mary ( uses to / used to/ is used to / used to ) write to me last year.

16. ( Although / However / Because / But ) we are for away from each other, we still keep in touch.

17. Everyone must take part in ( prevent / preventing / to prevent/ prevented ) deforestation.

18. They made their living by ( catch/ to catch / catching/ caught ) fish in the ocean everyday.

19. She sings very ( beauty/ beautify/ beautiful/ beautifully ).

20. It is ( danger/ dangerous/ dangerously/ endanger ) to go out alone at night.

1. Nam said “ I am told to be at school before 7 o’clock ”
2. Thomas said “ All the students will have a meeting next week ”
3. She said “ My parents are very proud of my good marks ”
4. The teacher said “ All the homework must be done carefully ”
5. Her father said to her “ You can go to the movie with your friend ”
6. She said “ I may visit my parents in summer ”
7. The teacher said “ We can collect old book for the poor students ”
8. She said “ I don’t buy this book ”
9. The boys said “ We have to try our best to win the match ”
10. Her classmate said “ Ha is the most intelligent girl in our class ”
1. “ Do you enjoy reading ? ” Mike asked Peter
2. “ Do you like sports ? ” Hang asked Nam
3. “ Do your sister and brother go to the same school ? ” She asked Nam
4. “ Are there some oranges in the fridge ? ” She asked her mom
5. “ Will it rain tomorrow morning ? ” He asked his friend
1. “ Where does your father work ? ” The teacher asked me
2. “ How many people are there in your family ? ” She asked John

3. Tam’s friend asked him “How long will you stay in England?”

4. “ What time doesthe film begin ? ” She asked her mom
5. The teacher said to Lien “ What ‘ s your hobby ? ”
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