While she _____ the room, she broke the vase. A. was cleaning B. cleaned C. had cleaned D. has cleaned – Hoc24

Học tập

1. While John _______ last night, someone _______ his car .

      A. was sleeping / stole                                           B. is sleeping / has stolen

      C. had slept / was stealing                                    D. slept / had stolen

2.   She _______ golf for three hours by the time she _______ the round.

      A. is playing / will finish                                       B. has been playing / finishes

      C. will have been playing / finishes                      D. was playing / finished

3. Every day John _______ at the company at 8 o’clock, but this morning he because he _______ the bus .

      A. arrives / was / missed                                       B. has arrived / has been / was missing

      C. is arriving / is / has missed                               D. was arriving / had been / has missed

4. I _______ this work before I leave .

      A. must to finish                                                    B. must finish

      C. should have finished                                         D. needn’t to finish

5. The concert _______ wonderful last night because Fiore is always a great conductor .

      A. should have been        B. must have been        C. maybe                      D. could be

6. Children _______ with cleaning liquids .

      A. mustn’t play                                                      B. needn’t play

      C. would be playing                                              D. had not better play

7. I intend _______ to my boss about your complaint .

      A. speak                           B. to speak                    C. speaking                   D. spoken

8. Peter was delighted _______ a former colleague at the conference .

      A. meet                            B. to meet                     C. meeting                    D. met

9. We finished the job _______ 12 hours a day .

      A. to work                        B. by work                    C. by working               D. worked

10. She is well-educated. _______, she has very good manners .

      A. And                             B. Besides                     C. However                  D. But

11. They got off the train _______ they began to search for a khách sạn .

      A. Then                            B. And                          C. But                           D. However

12. I was worried ; _______, I was determined not to show it .

      A. and so                          B. and yet                     C. but                            D. nevertheless

13. The International Club, as well as the Choral Society and the Rowing Club, _______ to submit a new constitution .

      A. needs                           B. need                          C. are needing              D. have needed

14. A large percentage of the older population _______ against Ms. Helen Young .

      A. vote                             B. have voted                C. are voting                 D. is voting

15. The woman with her dogs _______ by my house every morning .

      A. walks                           B. walk                         C. is walking                D. are working

16. There is _______ left on the table .

      A. a few food                   B. a little food               C. many foods              D. foods

17. I have _______ friends in Chicago .

      A. every                           B. no                             C. any                           D. the number of

18. I have got _______ extra money saved up in the ngân hàng .

      A. a few                           B. many                        C. some                        D. any

19. Things have been ready, _______ ?

      A. do they                        B. aren’t you                 C. has it                        D. haven’t they

20. _______ are your children ? – They are fine .

      A. How                             B. What                        C. Who                         D. How about

21. _______ arrived home safely ?

      A. Does Peter                   B. Peter did                   C. Has Peter                 D. Will Peter

22. _______ is the pink one, looking over the sea .

      A. The Pikes’ house         B. The Pike’s house      C. The Pikes’s house    D. The Pike house

23. _______ will be indoors as it is getting colder .

      A. Party’s next week                                             B. Next week of party

      C. Next week party                                               D. Next week’s party

24. A _______ is a place where drinks, small meals, tea, and cakes are served .

      A. room’s tea                   B. room of tea               C. tea’s room                D. tea room

25. As soon as John arrived at the pub, the lights went out .

      A. The lights went out before John arrived at the pub.

      B. No sooner had John arrived at the pub than the lights went out.

      C. John arrived at the pub where there were not lights.

      D. The lights went out because John arrived at the pub.

26. Mr. Pike will get some workers to dig the garden .

      A. Mr. Pike will have the garden dug.

      B. The garden will be dug by Mr. Pike and some workers.

      C. Mr. Pike and some workers will dig the garden.

      D. Both Mr. Pike and some workers will dig the garden.

27. There is no doubt that he will win the gold medal .

      A. He can never win the gold medal.

      B. That he will win the gold medal is not known.

      C. We are not sure that he will win the gold medal

      D. We are sure that he will win the gold medal.

28. _______ ideas of the new policy are quite different from _______

      A. His / mine                   B. He / my                    C. Him / I                     D. His / me

29. My wife has become crippled by arthritis. She is embarrassed to ask the doctor about _______ .

      A. it                                  B. herself                      C. them                         D. him

30. They all seemed to be enjoying _______

      A. their                             B. they                          C. theirs                        D. themselves

31. He went to _______ United States to learn _______ computer science .

      A. Ø / Ø                           B. an / the                     C. the / Ø                      D. the / a

32. He has _______ good knowledge of computers .

      A. a                                  B. an                             C. the                            D. Ø

33. It was _______ excellent meal. It was better than _______ one which we had last night .

      A. an / the                        B. a / an                        C. the / an                     D. an / an

34. He is opening his mouth _______

      A. very wide                    B. to be very wide        C. being very wide       D. so very wide

35. Lightning flashed brightly _______

      A. as in the sky                                                      B. when in the night sky

      C. it is in the sky                                                    D. in the night sky

36. _______ is before a water shortage .

      A. Being the best time to practice water conservation

      B. When the best time to practice water conservation

      C. The best time practice water conservation

      D. The best time to practice water conservation

37. The children went _______

      A. yesterday afternoon to a film                           B. to a film yesterday afternoon

      C. to a film afternoon yesterday                           D. afternoon yesterday to a film

38. The infection was probably caused _______

      A. in contaminated water by swimming

      B. by swimming in contaminated water

      C. in water contaminated by swimming

      D. by swimming in water contaminated

39. I will buy _______ when I get the salary .

      A. a new English dictionary                                  B. an English new dictionary

      C. a new dictionary English                                  D. an English dictionary new

40. Southern Rail would like to apologize _______ the late running of this train .

      A. upon                            B. with                          C. at                              D. for

41. You have to be responsible _______ your boss _______ the work .

      A. from / at                      B. over / on                   C. in / through              D. to / for

42. It is the lack _______ gravity _______ the moon that makes possible leaps of 30 feet or more .

      A. from / at                      B. of / on                       C. in / through              D. at / over

43. Supply of goods is failing to _______ demand .

      A. make of                       B. look for                    C. put on                       D. keep up with

44. _______ the shoes to see if they fit .

      A. Go on                          B. Get in                       C. Take off                   D. Try on

45. The police _______ because there was no evidence of his guilty .

      A. took him over              B. put him through       C. let him off                D. sent him in

46. Many children’s breath _______ by the pollution in the city .

      A. is affecting                  B. is affect                    C. is being affected      D. affected

47. Dr. Fleming, who _______ penicillin, _______ the Nobel Prize of Medicine in 1945 .

      A. was discovered / was awarded                         B. discovered / was awarded

      C. discovering / awarded                                       D. discovers / awarding

48. Have they sent Peter the document he needs yet?

      A. Has Peter was sent the document he needs yet?

      B. Does Peter have been sent the document he needs yet?

      C. Has Peter been sent the document he needs yet?

      D. Has been Peter sent the document he needs yet?

49. _______ the room when _______ .

      A. Scarcely we had entered / did the telephone ring

      B. Scarcely had we entered / did the telephone ring

      C. Scarcely we had entered / the telephone rang

      D. Scarcely had we entered / the telephone rang

50. _______ us _______ us some money .

      A. Not only Peter helped / but also lent

      B. Not only Peter helped / but did he also lend

      C. Not only did Peter help / but also lent

      D. Not only did Peter help / but he also lent

51. _______ that _______ it three times .

      A. So interesting is the film / have we seen          B. So interesting is the film / we have seen

      C. So interesting the film is / we have seen          D. So interesting the film is / have we seen

52. Nancy wanted to know _______ to New York _______

      A. why Nick did not go / last summer

      B. why Nick had not gone / the summer before

      C. why did not Nick go / last summer

      D. why had Nick not gone / the summer before

53. John advised Mary _______ so hard .

      A. did not work                B. networking               C. not to work              D. had not worked

54. I asked myself _______ the old painting I had found was worth any money or not .

      A. that                              B. if                               C. that if                       D. if that

55. The patient who suffers from lung cancer is being injected with a special _______

      A. chemist                       B. chemistry                 C. chemical                  D. chemically

56. _______ is very important in using lasers .

      A. Precise                        B. Precisely                  C. Precisive                  D. Precision

57. At last, we were able to draw a _______ .

      A. concluding                  B. conclude                   C. conclusive                D. conclusion

58. Mr. Jones is valuable for _______ .

      A. he knows about history                                     B. what does he know about history

      C. what he knows about history                            D. what knowing about history

59. _______ is unimportant .

      A. He won or lost                                                  B. Whether did he win or lose

      C. Whether he won or lost                                    D. What did he win or lose

60. _______ is a painting by Vincent Van Gogh .

      A. What you see now                                             B. What do you see

      C. You see now                                                     D. Do you now

61. That is the young man _______ we owe many thanks .

      A. to whom                      B. who                          C. that                           D. to that

62. It is the boss _______ is the most important .

      A. whose decision            B. that decides              C. who decides             D. which decision

63. Please tell me the time _______ I can come for the interview .

      A. that                              B. when                         C. on that                      D. where

64. You shouldn’t drive _______ alcohol .

      A. after you have drunk                                         B. while you will drink

      C. after drink                                                         D. as soon as you will drink

65. _______, the first thing we saw was a church .

      A. No sooner we approach                                    B. Soon before approaching

      C. As we approached the village                          D. When we would approach the village

66. _______ had they finished their project than they prepared for another one .

      A. No until                       B. As long as                C. As soon as                D. No sooner

67. Don’t go away from me. Stand _______

      A. where I can see you                                          B. where can I see you

      C. where to see you                                               D. in where I can see you

68. Miss World is even _______ in real life _______ in photos .

      A. as beautiful / more                                            B. more beautiful / as

      C. the more beautiful / than                                  D. more beautiful / than

69. It seems that we have _______ for ourselves and our family .

      A. more time than            B. less and less time     C. as many time as       D. time less than

70. They are both pretty but Susan is the _______ of the two .

      A. most pretty                  B. prettiest                    C. prettier                     D. pretty

71. That washing machine is _______ but _______ in quality .

      A. a bit more expensive / better than

      B. a bit as expensive / many better

      C. a little more than expensive / more good

      D. a little bit more expensive / much better

72. If we _______ the map, _______ lost now .

      A. took / would not have got                                 B. had taken / we would not have got

      C. take / will not get                                              D. had taken / we would not get

73. You will have to pay higher insurance _______ a sports car .

      A. if you buy                                                          B. if you will buy

      C. unless you bought                                             D. provided that you did not buy

74. If the traffic _______ bad, I may get home late .

      A. is                                 B. were                         C. was                           D. had been

75. If you take the 8 a. m. flight to Thành Phố New York you _______ change the plane .

      A. could not have to        B. will not have to        C. had not had to          D. would not to have to

76. _______ past deforestation and illegal hunting, many species of mammals and flora have disappeared .

      A. Because of                  B. Because                    C. As                             D. Since

77. Thos e children have stayed in the hospital for a long time _______

      A. due to they are seriously ill                              B. because of they are seriously ill

      C. because their serious illnesses                          D. because of their serious illnesses

78. You need proper shoes to go hiking in the mountains _______ the ground is rough and hard .

      A. because of                   B. due to                       C. since                         D. thanks to

79. _______ the same class with Paul for two years, I never knew him very well .

      A. Even though sharing                                         B. In spite I shared

      C. Although I shared                                             D. Despite of sharing

80. Hard-working _______ he is, he will never be top of his class .

      A. although                      B. as                              C. despite                     D. in spite

81. _______ thousands of accidents happen every day, many people seem not to observe the traffic laws .

      A. If                                  B. As if                         C. If only                      D. Even if

82. The thieves are running as fast as possible _______ caught by the police .

      A. in order that not be                                            B. so that being

      C. so as not to be                                                   D. in order be

83. Mary closed the door and the window _______ disturbed by the noise .

      A. so that she was not                                            B. in order that not to be

      C. so as was not                                                     D. so as she was not

84. Keep your password secret _______ others cannot access your account .

      A. so as that                     B. so as to                     C. in order to                D. so that

85. She made _______ she failed the exam .

      A. such many mistakes that                                  B. so many mistakes that

      C. many so mistakes that                                       D. many such mistakes that

86. He had _______ he went hiking .

      A. such many time that                                          B. so much time that

      C. so few time that                                                D. such few time that

87. They worked _______ hard _______ they passed the exam at high grades .

      A. so / that                       B. such / that                C. so / as                       D. such / as

88. It was his mistake but he pretended _______ nothing wrong .

      A. as if                                                                   B. as there had been

      C. as though there had been                                  D. as though there has been

89. She was deeply sad after her husband’s death, but she behaved _______ she had been OK .

      A. if                                  B. as if                          C. even if                      D. if only

90. Operate the machine _______.

      A. as if you have been instructed                          B. as if were instructed

      C. as you have been instructed                             D. as though you have been instructed

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