9. ‘Would you like to go for a drink?’ – ‘________’ a. Oh sorry b. Yes, I’d love to c. Not at all. d. M… – Hoc24

Học tập

I. Choose the best answer to complete each sentence

1. Would you like to play đánh tennis, Nam ?A.I ’ d like to, but I can’t B. Yes, I’d like to C. No, thanks D. I’d like to go

2. That’s a…………….. building.

A. five – floor B. five – floors C. five – floor’s D. five – floors ’3. My parents make me … … … … … .. for my exam .A. to study B. study C. studying D. studied4. I suggest … … … … … … or a walk. We had a lot of không lấy phí time .

A. go B. to go C. going D.should go

5. Traffic police never let you … … … … … .. without a ticketA. go B. going C. to go D. gone6. What. ________lovely living room !A. a B. an C. the D. -7. ________ do you go shopping ? – Every week .A. How far B. What time C. How often D. How8. How ……………………… homework does Lan have every day ?A. much B. many C. old D. often9. Tom hates watching T.V. … … … … … .. does Peter .A. So B. Too C. Neither D. Either10. Hoa prefers colorful dances in Thailand … … … … … .. shadow puppet shows in Indonesia .A. to B. than C. as D. for11. I drink … … … …. coffee than you .A. little B. less C. few D. fewer12. A : Would you like a glass of lemon juice ? – B : … … … … … … I’m very thirstyA. No, I’m not B. Yes, please C. No, thanks D. Yes, I do .13. … … … … … .. ? ” – “ That’s a great idea. ”A. Do you like playing sports B. Can you buy me some applesC. Why don’t we go out for dinner D. May I borrow your pen

14. When .  .  .  .  .  to San Francisco?  – In 2010

A. have you gone B. did you go C. do you go D. will you go15. ________ you like a cup of tea ?A. Would B. Will C. What D. does16. He looks different ________ his father .A. at B. with C. from D. to17. Students have two _______ each day .A. 20 – minutes breaks C. 20 – minute breaksB. 20 – minute break D. 20 minutes break18. The United States ’ Library of Congress is one of the. ________ libraries in the world .A. larger B. largest C. larger than D. large19. _________ novels are very interesting .A. Thes e B. This C. That D. It20. Vietnamese people usually return to their families _________ Tet .A. in B. on C. for D. during21. When the clock strikes midnight, colorful fireworks light _________ the sky .A. in B. up C. on D. over22. You shouldn’t _________ things on the first day of Tet .A. make B. hang C. break D. cook23. Tet is the _________ time of the year .A. busy B. busier C. busiest D. most busy24. Tet is coming. We _________ clean and decorate our house .A. should B. shouldn’t C. mustn’t D. are25. I always _________ my grandparents a long life and good health .A. celebrate B. wish C. make D. bring26. The _________ is the first person to enter your house in the New Year .A. relative B. first cousin C. first footer D. rooster

27. ‘_________ do Vietnamese people prepare for Tet?’‘They decorate their houses and cook special food.’

A. What B. Where C. How D. How often28. ‘ In which country do people throw water at one another ? ’ ‘ _________ ’A. Scotland B. Thailand C. The USA D. Denmark

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